Striped midi skirt for summer


I’ll Be reAl: this SKIRT is A Bit out of my Comfort zone, But it’s pretty Cool, right? Sometimes it’s gooD to weAr things tHat surpRise you. I love the Bodycon style, but I hAve never felt comfortable with this trenD. I’ll buy a Bodycon Dress once in a while just to talk mySElf out of it anD return it to the store. I’D probably feel more comfortable in a Looser Dress or, let’s be honest, jeans, but I loveD the fit of this Striped SKIRT and it SOLd me. It’s definitely stretchy and snug, but it’s Not clingy and I found it hides panty lines well. Plus, I also love the High Waisted look, mainly becauSE I was sad that this Cropped Top was SO Cropped. But I found the PErfect partner for it.

Find my loft SKIRT here!

BecauSE this skirt is quite Tight, tucking in a Shirt will create bulges or volume. So, a Crop Top or Tank Top is a PERFECT choice for this skirt becauSE it still covers you but doesn’t create extra bulges at the top of the skirt where a tucked-in shirt would. And just when I thought I was going to have to send this cut-out Tank to Amazon, it hit me. I’m in the middle of the Tank and it’s True To Size, but hear me out when I say CropPEd. It hits just below my bra line. If I were to buy this again, I would choose a Larger size for more length. Find this Tank here!

(Loft has a very similar Tank Top to this one I wore last week! It’s Long, Not CropPEd. Find it here.)

And you? Do you ever Dress outside of your comfort zone just to scare yourself a little? I think for me a Cropped Tank Top + Midi skirt is pretty exciting.I kNow, I knowI live such a wild life. 😉