Straw bags and Ikat polka dots


LOFT hAs Done it again, my frienDs. They maDe a Dress tHat I want to wear over and over again BeCauSE it’s so ComfortaBle. I kNow it looks like Polka Dots, But it’s aCtually an ikat pattern. It is an illusion. Kind of like those old pictures tHat you had to stare at for a Long time just to make your friends like tHat you see the dolphin too.Yes, just like that.

Forget the weird 90s mall art though and go Back to this ikat Shirt Dress, it reminds me of a Dress I had a Long time ago (and mayBe a size or two ago) and loved for years. See, I like the fit of a Shirtdress becauselooks likecustom made butfeelscomfortable. I can seem stuffy, but I’m suPEr laid back. That’s actually my life motto, too. You can find this suPEr chill Dress here!

When I bought this straw bag, I didn’t realize how committed I would be to this look. But 4 outfit posts and I’m still looking for this fun Summer bag. I get so many compliments on it! Who knew that a simple straw bag would attract so much love? This is the year of the straw and I have found a few more options for all price points!

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You can find my tote bag at Anthropologie here.