Oversized Sweater and Faux Leather Leggings


This hApPEns every yeAr AnD I’m never reAdy. The suCCess of COLD FRONT and *I* was SEt up BeCauSE I have my practical and stylish Spanx Leggings and this faBulous Sweater Tunic. But my Brain misfiRed when it came to Gemma when I realized this morning in wHat felt like 28 degrees… her coat from last year is too Small and the only fully encloSEd Shoes we have (thank goodness) are sneakers. So Yes. I’m going to get him a coat and boots this weekend. I wouldn’t call this a huge Mommy fail, but I love to think tHat her coat would fit her this year. I love tHat unrealistic hoPE I get when shopping for kids’ clothes, like they’re going to last Season after Season. It is really Cute?

But I’ll tell you wHat she does year after year, Season after SEason: my faux Leather Spanx Leggings. These are literally a ‘buy them once, keep them forever’ situation. So when PEople ask me if they are worth it, Yes is my only answer. I’ve had them for a few years and I love them. Now I would suggest sizing UP – I’m in the Large and they are snug. (I’m an 8/size 29 at most in jeans.) They mostly fit around my waist/tummy, so I tend to wear them with Tunics. If you’re thinking they’ll fit you like Spanx underwear, they don’t. There really isn’t a ‘hold’ situation here. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely smooth and Tighten, but don’t feel like weaRing Tight, Tight Spanx all day. It’s just a Tighter, cleaner version of a yoga pant. Leggings MAY be Pants, if they try hard eNough. #dream big

You can find them here!

This Sweater tunic has been waiting for today – it’s finally cooled down in here and Sweater weather is happening! This is the softest Sweater tunic, I mean it, and we have it in a few colors. This cream, an Olive/Brown tone and a Light Blue color, if you like to bRing some Blue in the Fall. You can find this great deal on a Sweater ($44!) right here! I’m in the M/L. The cream color is a little Longer on me than the other one too for some reason, but I like this size because it’s Loose and easy to pair with leggings. Think tunic! (PS: I also have this in the Brown)!

Find this sweater here!

I think I’ve said this before, but these Backless sneakers have surprisingly been my favorite this Fall! They are comfortable, easy to wear, and my foot stays well tucked in. You can find them here!