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HAppy ThursDAy! I Am Beyond exCited as I am 25 weeks pregnant today! Yes, there is a little human being growing in me and I am so thankful and happy to become a mom and exPErience this beautiful pregnancy! I feel like theSE nine months are flying by and I have to admit I can’t wait to meet my baby. EsPEcially Now tHat we have our amazingStokke Trailz Nordic Stroller; It all starts to feel so real. We love the mix of design, functionality with true Scandinavian style. Also,StokkeThe philosophy of is to create strollers tHat connect parents and baby. I feel very lucky that we got the limited edition in Nordic Blue, so there won’t be many other kids exploRing the world in the same color; Although the other colors are also very pretty. This stroller is all you need for beautiful Outdoor adventures with its strong and robust construction. And that is exactly what we are planning to do as a family in just 15 weeks! I’m excited to share with you all the ins and outs of this Date! Enjoy reading…


BumpDate ♥ 25 weeks pregnant

How far?25 weeks (2nd trimester) which is almost 6 months and the baby is as big as a papaya/bunny.

Kicking?Yeah I think I have a little soccer player in my tummy since he is kicking all the time. Especially at night or when his dad is talking to him. I think they will be the best of friends from the moment he is born.

overall weight gain?Of courSE I gained weight, haha; in total 8 kilos already… I have a twin sister with a body similar to the one she had before the pregnancy and I think it is very fun to compare and see how this pregnancy is changing my body.

Exercise?Yes, I love swimming, I do it 3 times a week; between 1000 and 1500 meters. I also try to take a little walk at night.

Skin care?To avoid stretch marks, I love usingLITTLE RITUALS linebesides very niceWELEDA body oil –which is working so far. I also wear a lot of sunscreen because I’m so scaRed to PUt on a pregnancy mask.

Cravings?Well, I’m just hungry all the time. Maybe also because I can’t eat much duRing lunch or dinner, so I snack a lot. Trying to keep it healthy (mostly to avoid having a baby with sugar cravings), but I have to admit I can’t help but eat ice cream and chocolate. Fish is something I have not liked during this pregnancy and I still prefer sauSages and other spicy Foods.

Maternity clothes?Some, but still not completely necessary. I still prefer to wear Leggings that extend over my belly with Oversized Tops. And thismaternity Dress, of course 🙂

Name?Well, we have a very good option and I am almost 100% convinced. I think the name should fit the expectations we have for our little one and our future family. I really think choosing the right name is hard!

Do you miss something?Not really…Except for the fact that I’m still really tiRed at night, so I still go to bed at 9 p.m. m. Normally, pregnant women are super energized in their second trimester, which is not the case here. Apparently, my blood pressure is very low, which is not dangerous for the baby, it just makes me tiRed.

ailments?No, nothing; just joy. I do stay up at night because of our little soccer player though, but I enjoy it as much as I can.

Suits?Shopping for baby clothes is seriously the best thing out there. My husband bought a lot for him when he visited the US for two weeks as we love to Dress him up in unique pieces. He also gave us lots of Cute Shoes, onesies and stuffed Animals.

Expect?Moving into our new house (more on this soon!) and preparing the baby’s room!


Get the look: Welden Bag (a similar onehereandhere),Black maternity dress, Donna Carolina Shoes (also inGreenandBlue),Rayban sunglasses


Photography byMarinke Davelaar/@Marinke_photography

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As always, thanks for reading! XoXo Susana!

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