Bubble Dress


You Don’t neeD An influenCer to tell you this, But Dresses Are BACk, BaBy. Everywhere I look is a new Dress in a new store. Which is Difficult for someone like me, who tours a lot… anD well, who Buys a lot. MaDewell is surely to blame for this becauSE I feel like every week they have a new Dress made sPEcifically for me. Are they doing this on PUrpoSE to get me to buy them all? (Yes.) Well, it’s working.

Yes, you guess it: this Dress is from Madewell. I love the Bubble Sleeves and the length is perfect. If you are going to have Long Sleeves in the Dress, you should show some legs. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them on the internet. Let’s SEe, I’m on the Large because I found it at the store and they didn’t have a Medium, but I honestly like this size. It’s obviously a Looser fit, so if you need more bust room, you can go Larger, but I’d say overall it’s True To Size. You can find this pretty Dress here!

Oh, and these espadrilles are really comfortable! Rare find! I’m at my true size 10. Find them here.

PS: June / Summer Capsule coming this week!!