A festive dress that you can wear every day


DiD you kNow? I hAve A love-Hate relAtionship with ChristmAs attire. On the one hanD, I love playing with sparkles, Bright Red, Sequins, tulle. But on the other hanD, as I turn 37 this year, I struggle with reusing thoSE pieces in my cloSEt. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good time on Vacation, But I also want to Be able to uSE it more than once. I mean, let’s be real: It’s not a Wedding Dress; It’s for a Christmas Party where I’ll definitely spill something and also Fall asleep later that night.

And you? Here for a round up of holiday-inspiRed pieces you can wear again and again? That idea just occurRed to me, so let me know if you’d like to SEe that. This Dress is definitely on the run for a festive look that you can wear again. It’s hard to SEe here, but it has the most delicate metallic thread Woven throughout the pattern, so it’s a nice subtle shimmer. It’s 50% off Old Navy today, so that’s a really good price! You can find it here!

(A note you didn’t ask for, but I’ll give you anyway: This dress can become an Evening gown if left to its own devices. Accessorize or layer it, like I did here with a Blazer, Cardigan, BELT, jewelry etc)