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Mission: To make people healthy and happy

I hit my low point when I was living in Melbourne, Australia, and I felt my jean size tighten and my stomach soften. I was a personal trainer that couldn't even do a single push-up off my knees. I struggled with putting down the processed and packaged food and setting up a weekly workout and food regimen. It was depressing. I wanted to feel better about myself and my body. Finally, I got tired of the negative self-talk, feeling depressed, and watching my clothes get tighter and tighter. I woke up one morning and resided to finally feel good about myself, my body, and look the part of a personal trainer. I set weekly goals related to food and fitness and stuck to them. I was determined! Nothing would taste as good as being confident and healthy would feel.

Within 3 months I was able to:
- Drop 15 lbs
- Purchase a whole new wardrobe because my jeans were falling off
- Get the flat, hard stomach I always wanted
- Do a proper push-up AND a pull-up without assistance

I felt amazing, and the best part was that it only got easier the lighter, stronger, and leaner I became!

Because I felt incredible I was able to:
- Control my food portions
- Limit my food cravings (ice cream, pizza, and sweets)
- Choose healthier options and actually enjoy them
- Stick to a workout routine like it was a doctor's appointment I couldn't cancel

I didn't go on a quick fix diet, and I refused to buy or even get on a scale because I knew I would go crazy watching the pounds fluctuate from day-to-day. I knew a diet would never work for me and that, not only would I gain the weight back, but I would probably put on a few extra pounds. Instead, I adopted a couple key principles that worked for me. I want to share those principles with you and help you feel as amazing as I felt when I reached my goal weight and became stronger and leaner.

I can honestly tell you it's one of the best feelings when people take notice of the new you. Those morning workout struggles, days of choosing healthy over processed food, and dedication to myself and my health have paid off.

You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to have everything you imagine, and you don't have to do it alone. Let me help you.

Your first session is FREE. There's no harm in trying to see if it's a good fit for you. CONTACT ME to set up your initial session.

Personal Achievements:
- Washington DC Marine Corps Marathon
- Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon
- Philadelphia Rock N' Roll 1/2 Marathon
- 11.5 mile Tough Mudder Challenge with Krav Maga NYC Federation
- 5 mile Spartan Race Obstacle Race
- 3 mile Warrior Dash Obstacle Race
- Numerous 10k Races, 5k Races and Mud Run Challenges in NYC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Melbourne, Australia
- Avid supporter of fitness events to benefit a wide range of charities